all about Sales Closing Basics

All about Sales Closing Basics

All about Sales Closing Basics

Why People Buy 

 Before we can efficiently sell someone something, we need to understand why  people purchase products in the first place. After all, people must have a reason for  spending their hard earned money on a product or service. Understanding the rea-  sons why people purchase helps us determine the proper method of closing the  sale.

In the most basic form, people buy things because they either solve a problem  or fulfill a need. Solving a problem might mean helping them do something faster,  easier or better or enable them to resolve an issue in their life.

Tools are a perfect example of solving problems. If you have a piece of wood  that needs to be cut, a saw will address that problem. If you never are going to  need to cut a piece of something, you likely won’t ever buy a saw even though the  saw might be great and the price amazing. If you don’t have a need, you are not  likely to buy the product.

Fulfilling a need is slightly different but involves the same process. If you have  a need or desire to go on vacation to Hawaii you will look into trips to Hawaii and  purchase one. If you don’t want to go to Hawaii, you won’t. The difference with

needs and desires is that most of the time these are not necessity purchases. In  other words, while you would like to have them you do not have to have them.

You  can live without them.  As far as purchasing products are concerned, the stronger the need or desire  and the more important or severe the problem is, the more likely the customer is to  complete their purchase. 

For example, I might like to buy a new suit because my old suit is worn out. If I  don’t have a need for a suit right now, I might wait for a sale or just wait to save the  money. But if I have a big job interview next week, I would be more likely to get the  suit now to wear it on a job interview. 

I might want to change the washers on my bathroom faucet as well but since I  don’t enjoy doing that I might wait. But if the washer breaks and water is pouring  out the faucet and I can’t turn it off I will be much more agreeable to purchasing  the tools and parts that I need. 



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