Can men continue to wear skinny jeans?

wear skinny jeans

wear skinny jeans

The issue of skinny jeans is a controversial one in the fashion world: there is always someone who says they are old-fashioned and many others who refuse to let them go, but, beyond the debate, there remains the million dollar question: do they really look good on you and should you continue to use them?

Skinny jeans have been a part of men’s fashion for years, but they have always had their enemies (and for good reason) prefer other more classic and flattering styles. Also, there is a belief that this style should be reserved for teens and younger men.

The thing with fashion is that the rules have to be broken and if you know how to do it right you can wear any trend and type of clothing at any age you just have to adapt everything to suit. your personal style and your lifestyle.
Do skinny jeans look good on men and are they still on trend?

Jeans and skinny pants can certainly work for adult men, but while you don’t have to throw yours in the trash, know that they’re not in fashion right now.

Men’s fashion has focused more on styles from the 70s and vintage looks, wide, slightly flared pants are the ones that dominate today and are more relaxed and flattering.

What you need to know is that skinny pants can look great (as Travis Barker shows) and the fashion world hasn’t turned its back on them completely.

How to choose them?

Skinny, but not too much
The main key to stylish skinny jeans is that they don’t have to look like you’re wearing a pair of tights. You need to pick one that fits well, but not reaching the point where it looks like your legs are going to explode. This is what helps create a good silhouette and hugs the body, so they can be used with all body types and sizes.

Although you should be aware that if you put your phone and wallet in your pockets it will definitely show and the shape can be odd, but it can be a bit hidden if you are wearing a slightly longer shirt or jacket.

Pay attention to the material

Look for a denim option that has a majority cotton content to give the jeans structure, but which should also have a small percentage of stretch to provide more flexibility, but without going so far as to be so elastic that it sticks. to the skin.

Pay attention to the color and washout
Keep in mind that lighter colored denim is very casual, while darker colored denim can look more professional and suitable for offices that allow jeans to be worn. Jeans with a medium blue tone are the most versatile and it’s easier to go from casual to formal with the right elements.

The advantage of skinny jeans is that you can fully show off your shoes. For a more sophisticated look, team them with military boots, leather sneakers with a classic and subtle style, moccasins or dress shoes. It is important that you take into account where you are going to use it and the dress codes.

Create a balance

Clothing with a slimmer fit can look neater, but you shouldn’t wear everything tight or too tight. Combine it with shirts, jackets and slim fit shirts, adding layers to have good volume without making your legs too thin.

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