Don’t Sell, Let the Prospect Buy

Don’t Sell, Let the Prospect Buy

Don’t Sell, Let the Prospect Buy

Presentation: the best part of selling.   

The presentation is where you should have the most fun in your sales system. After  asking question after question, now you get to talk. You get to talk about yourself,  your company and your product. What is better than that?   

They told you how they’ll buy.   

By doing a great job in the qualifying process, you have uncovered how the  prospect will make a buying decision. Use that information to your advantage.  Don’t let your selling get in the way of their buying. 

What is the agreed upon outcome? 

What is going to happen at the end of your presentation? Before you give your pre-  sentation, you and the prospect should agree on what it going to happen. This will  help take the pressure off you having to close.


Review what led to presentation meeting. 

Before you start your actual presentation, make sure you review the steps and/or  meetings that led you to this point. This review helps get them ready to receive  your message and your solutions.


Has anything changed since last conversation? 

Always ask if anything has changed since you last met or you last talked. If some-  thing has changed they may longer need or want your solutions. Don’t give your  presentation if they are no longer buyers.


A material change requires different presentation. 

If something material has changed, your presentation is probably no longer valid.  Your terms and conditions may have to change based on the new information.  Don’t present. Instead ask questions that will help you prepare the new presen-  tation.


Talk about their biggest concern first. 

If nothing has changed, start your presentation by first talking about their biggest  problem or issue. They must be comfortable with how you will solve their biggest  concern or they will not buy. Go for the knockout punch early!


Solve each concern before moving on. 

Don’t jump around from issue to issue. Make sure they feel your solution has  completely solved each problem before you talk about the next issue. Don’t guess.  Ask if your solution is exactly what they needed and expected. 


No need to close. They’ll buy. 

Check off each issue that you discuss and they agree addresses their problem. At  the end of your presentation you should have solved all their problems for the  terms they needed. Simply ask, “What would you like to do now?

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