Top 10 Certifications for Technical Jobs

tech certificate jobs

Top 10 Certifications for Technical Jobs

tech certificate jobs


Many young people are looking to obtain accredited certifications for technical and IT jobs. This is in light of the requirements of the free labor market during the recent period. Therefore, studies confirmed that this type of job will lead in the future, and the demand for these certificates is similar to the demand for professional certificates in accounting, as both are among the most sought-after jobs in large companies.

Below we review the most prominent certificates approved for technical jobs:

1. Professional

This certification gives you enough experience in virtual VCP data center along with vSphere. It is considered among the most famous in the field of information technology, especially that it is not difficult at all to obtain it.

2. Business Administration

This certificate is issued by the Institute of Professional Management and is the most prominent in the field of project management. In fact, it gives you the experience to occupy the most important jobs because of its high value in the technical and administrative field.

The certificate mainly depends on 5 aspects, most notably follow-up work, closing projects, good planning and how to implement. Although it is a bit difficult to overcome, if you pass, you will become a leader in your field.


One of the most prominent certificates in the Arab world, as it gives you the opportunity to ascend prestigious positions in the most famous companies and interact with technical engineers with extensive experience, in addition to the possibility of establishing databases in a professional manner.


Although it is an obscure degree, it remains one of the most prominent certifications for technical jobs. Therefore, it gives its holders many skills in the field of software and development.

5. CISSP: Systems Security

This certificate contains a large amount of technical information, for example security systems, network security, software and other things that all companies need to maintain customer data.


If you want to ensure a high salary as an engineer, you should strive to carry this professional certification in technical jobs.

7. Managing databases in Microsoft programs

In fact, many companies rely on SQL servers, so obtaining this certification is important to gain skills as an Administrator Certification.

8. MCSD: Microsoft Product Development

In fact, this certificate prepares you for the most expensive jobs in information technology and the ability to develop Microsoft programs.

9. CNE: Novell engineer

It is considered one of the most prominent certificates also accredited in Information Technology. Those that give you networking skills, putting you in the ranks of the top engineers in this field.

10. CCDA: Cisco Systems Design

The holder of this certification can actually develop data centers, design computer networks, and secure voice calls. What makes you highly sought after to work in the largest technology organizations and companies.

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