We have a daughter who started an enterprise that her father dreamt of. Mr. V. B. Parvatikar, a stalwart of the footwear industry had wanted to start a material testing laboratory in India that adheres to global standards. Aparna, supported by Arundhati Parvatikar and Archana Kulkarni, founded Atharva Laboratories in 2007.

After a decade, Atharva Laboratories is one of the most respected private laboratory catering to the needs of varied industries. It offers testing services for textile, leather & leather products, electrical & electronics, white goods, automobiles, engineering plastics, polyurethane foams, toys, food, water, furniture to a well-balanced, varied set of domestic & international clients.

An organization that started in a small room with a few machines in NOIDA to provide tailored solutions to the footwear industry is today accredited by the apex body – National Accreditation Board of Laboratories for Testing and Calibration – with an 150:17025 for over eight hundred test parameters spread over five disciplines and numerous industries. Atharva Laboratories is also BIS approved for testing of IT products, Footwear, Personnel Protective Equipment. The company enjoys an impeccable reputation for providing modern technology & extremely reliable instrumentation with validated and verified protocols used for testing and analysis.

In 2017, the company diversified into the manufacture of specialized shoes for defense, para-military forces and industrial workers, providing comfort and protection from extreme weather conditions, injuries etc. Approved by Department of Industrial Research Organization, Atharva has developed it in collaboration with some of the most reputed institutions engaged in the research and development of products for the Indian defense forces.

Atharva Laboratories has also expanded its domain to specialty additives, developing cost-effective homegrown solutions for antistatic and electrostatic charge dissipative shoes for safety of workmen working in different environment and specialty systems for spray applied polyurethane(s) foam for building insulations. These “Made in India” solutions are produced and marketed by specially floated sister concerns like Terra Elastomers, Hitech Personal Protective Equipment an Balaji Innovative Solutions. Today, the scope of Atharva Group’s businesses encompasses Material Testing, Research & Development, Training and Consultancy, Polyurethane Systems for Building Insulations & Water Proofing Elastomers and Specialty additives for polyurethane chemistry. The group is now working on specialty footwear for diabetic patients, smart shoes to reduce fatigue and stress, light weight knee high shoes and rainwear for sanitization workers and so on. These products are aimed at improving quality of life of people and would be real game changers in a niche market segment.

The Atharva Group is respected as a leader in the industry. The expertise accumulated over a decade of unflinching and single minded focus to development and progress, backed by a state-of-art facility, empowers the company to notice the needs of the smallest niches and address them effectively.

Aparna Parvatikar believes in developing and empowering her team with the right skill set and inculcating in them best practices such as fair and accurate testing, time management which are of paramount importance in the trade. She has consistently hired fresh graduates and trained them on the job. She encourages them to think out of the box and independently go the extra mile to address customer needs. More than 80% of her employees have started their careers here.

The Atharva family values social responsibilities. Their self-funded NGO “Shri Samaj Kalyan Samiti” conducts evening school for children of labourers, providing them basic education. They also help them get into formal schools and sponsor the education of deserving students.

There is love, dedication and compassion. This is a woman’s contribution to the nation. This is a daughter’s tribute to her father.

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